Monday, 5 November 2012

Reselling Neon Green Clutch/Sling Bag

Item Code  : Reselling Neon Green Clutch/Sling Bag
Colour  : Neon Green
Condition  :New(impulsed purchase)
 Price      : RM40 (with postage)
Here is the original link:Neon green bag
Contact :

Monday, 15 October 2012

White Chiffon Top

Item Code  : White Chiffon Top
Colour  : White
Size  :XS-M
Length :
Condition  :New(never worn)
 Price      : RM25

Mint Chiffon Top

Item Code  : Mint Chiffon Top
Colour  : Mint
Size  :XS-M
Length :
Condition  :worn once
Price      : RM15 

Light Pink Chiffon Top

Item Code  : Light Pink Chiffon Top
Colour  : Light Pink
Size  :XS-M
Bust : 44cm
Length :
Condition  : New(never worn)
Price      : RM25 

Contact :

S3 casing

Item :  S3 casing
Description : brand new, can separate and match it back
Reason for reselling:order wrong model casing
Selling price: RM 40 (include postage)

Contact :

Thursday, 16 August 2012

G Market Shopping 2

This is my second post for G-Market shopping. Sorry for late review because recently really busy on my work :( ... Really get addicted shopping at G Market, almost every month I will purchase at least one time :D

Parcel arrived. I have to thanks to Pos Laju cos actually I'm not at home (working hour). The postman will call me and I will ask him leave the parcel at my home with my IC number. Thanks a lot postman :)

Not much purchased for this batch due to my bf controlling :(

Bought a pair of canvas shoes with the lowest price, just fit my foot
Here is the link: Canvas shoes 

Recently crazy on neon color, here I grabbed a pcs of neon green t-shirt, but after wash once the shirt loose the shape :( even it's product of korea
 Here is the seller link: Neon green t shirt 

See this evil McD face, i really fall in love with this t-shirt although it is over size T.

Click here: McD evil face over size T

Another nice pcs of long sleeve top that I bought, black color :) see through knitted material, u have to pair with a singlet.

Click here: Long sleeve top

Lastly, I bought two penguin rubber casing, one is for my friend, another one is for my baby note. Nice seller, they free screen protector and a plug.

 See, how cute it is :)

Click here to shop: Casing

See u all soon :) Thankyou.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

G-Market Shopping

This is not the first time that I shop at Korean G Market, if included the recent order, totally I had order 5 times. OMG!! I'm really crazy on korean products. Today, i will do the review on my recent order. Dang !! Dang!! Here is my order :D

Total 5 items that I order for this round. 3 pants, 1 pair of shoes, and 1 pair of bra.

The Bra set are really nice, just feel a bit disappointed that it made in China :( but overall the quality are not bad. Here is the link ( click here)

finally received my shoes... Was so worried that this shoes can't fit me as previously bought at other shop in G Market, the size are a little bit big for me, but this pair of shoes exactly fit my feet, I'm really happy and love this shoes so much :) Here is the link ( click here)

I was looking for this type of color skinny jeans, keep searching G Market for few days :D And finally I decided to pick this pants at this shop (click here)  Really fit me and very very skinny :)

Another pants that I searching for long time, YES!! It's pastel pink skinny pants!! Really love it a lot :) Quality nice and it's made in Korea ! Yeah Yeah!!  Click here to shop ya :)

Finally I get my favourite color pants, green skinny pants, but a bit sad because it is made in China :( But still fit me very well and quality not too bad (click here)

For sure I will keep shopping at Korea G Market as there is a lot of choices stuff :)